Our fantastic graphics intern, Tina, showed us her new CV this morning and we couldn’t help but share it. We think it’s just about the coolest thing we’ve seen in awhile, making her our new Intern of the Week!

Based on the highly anticipated feature film starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, IN TIME – the iPhone game will be available for free this Friday, October 28th.

Los Angeles – October 27th, 2011: With the release of IN TIME only twenty-four hours away, New Regency today announced that the movie’s thrilling 3D action mobile game will be available for free download all day Friday via the iTunes App Store.

Published by Fox Digital Entertainment, in conjunction with New Regency, the IN TIME mobile game puts players in the foreboding, near-future world of IN TIME, where time itself is a finite commodity.  In the game, players control hero, Will Salas (Justin Timberlake), as he tries to escape the evil Minutemen.   Players score points across sixteen different levels by sprinting, jumping and dodging waves of obstacles and assailants.  Players can increase their scores by acquiring “time capsules” and by giving time to those in need – but being too generous, or being caught by the Minutemen, may mean your time is up.

The game is designed as a fun, accessible way to bring the audience closer to the film’s world and action.  “We really enjoyed distilling IN TIME’s high-adrenaline action into an exciting gaming experience” said game developer RoboModo’s David Michicich. “We used Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, one of the most powerful graphics engines, to create an experience that captures the film’s urgency, both in the feel of the game play as well as its striking visuals.”

The game deal – the first of its kind for Regency – was put together in collaboration with Union Entertainment, a management/production company specializing in videogames.

For those who don’t want to “waste time” waiting to download the game for free next Friday, it’s available now for $.99 at the iTunes AppStore.  The sale will last until 11:59pm on Friday the 28th at which point the free clock will expire… and your time will have run out.

For the IN TIME Website, click here
For the iPhone App, click here
For the iPad version, click here
To check out the trailer, click here


Founded by Arnon Milchan, one of the most prolific and successful independent film producers of the past 30 years, New Regency Productions Inc. is engaged in the production and distribution of motion pictures throughout the world through strategic alliances with the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. In addition to its library of over 100 titles, upcoming New Regency film releases include Darkest Hour and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.


Robomodo is a video game development studio focused on innovative, top-tier products for current and emerging platforms.  The studio developed the most recent updates of Activision’s Tony Hawk franchise, and is presently developing a Kinect sports title.  The team is comprised of accomplished veterans with credits on some of the game industry’s highest profile titles.


Developed by Epic Games, the award-winning Unreal Engine is known for its cutting-edge graphics, best-of-breed tools and scalability across multiple platforms. Unreal Engine 3’s highly mature toolset and content pipeline consistently evolve along with its advanced mobile features, multi-core processor support, optimizations for numerous platforms and massive world support. Unreal Engine 3 is designed to accelerate developers’ productivity for computer and video games, mobile games and applications, training simulations, 3D visualizations, digital films and animated entertainment. Integrated with two dozen leading middleware technologies, Unreal Engine 3 holds more than 20 technology awards, including seven Game Developer Front Line Awards and four Develop Industry Excellence Awards. Additional information on Unreal Engine 3 can be obtained at www.unrealengine.com.

Epic, Epic Games, Unreal, Unreal Development Kit, UDK, Unreal Engine, UE3, and Unreal Tournament are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Visual Frames releases MyInterview, an all-encompassing app for conducting interviews

Visual Frames is pleased to announce the release of MyInterview, an interviewer’s all-in-one management app for the iPad. Media professionals, hiring managers, reporters, and employers everywhere now have a user-friendly tool to assist them before, during, and after any interview. Gone are the days of shuffling through papers for questions, frantically scribbling notes during an interview, and straining to remember impressions and answers.

Designed to streamline the entire interview process, MyInterview for the iPad is full of features that keep multiple aspects of meeting a job applicant or interviewing anyone organized with minimal effort from users. Within the app, consumers have the option to save complete questionnaires from templates or create their own from scratch. Templates are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Users have the freedom to create open ended or multiple-choice questions. Answer options can be text, image, or even audio files. Questionnaires are re-usable and eliminate the need to print more paper!

During a real time interview, MyInterview allows user to take notes on questionnaires from the Prepare feature. Personal contact information, location, and discussion title can be loaded and stored, and MyInterview can even record audio at any chosen moment. With the option to save audio answers, interviewers and interviewees alike can rest assured knowing that an accurate record of what was said is safe with MyInterview.

The Review feature of MyInterview allows the easy evaluation of conducted interviews. No need to decipher hastily written notes! Users can sort their notes by date, time, question, interviewee, or questionnaire. Answers can be shared with colleagues and there is an option to compare and analyze answer statistics. Manually comparing answers is a thing of the past.

With MyInterview, interview preparation and organization is ensured and time is saved.

Pricing and availability:
MyInterview for the iPad is on sale for a limited time for $4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively in the iTunes App Store in the business section.

Visual Frames, LLC is an eCommerce and mobile solutions provider with an innovative approach to problem solving. Established in 2007, the company has already delivered hundreds of eCommerce solutions in the United States and around the World. Visual Frames provides software design and development services for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and the Web (with a focus on eCommerce).


Press Contact:

Kim Lianthamani
Appency for Visual Frames LLC


Sometimes you get those moments where you step back and say “I get paid to do this???”  Most recently, that happened to me last Thursday.

The concept was simple: bring together a few members of the app press and play the iOS version of the incredibly popular Puerto Rico board game.  One catch: we would be playing with the games creator, Andreas Seyfarth.  Not only is this guy a celebrity in the gaming world, he invented the game.  When two fo those four players are both huge board game fans (one of them writes for the most popular board game site on the web) you can safely assume this isn’t going to be a casual game; then there’s me, who’s played the game a total of six times.  Let’s just say my chances weren’t great to begin with.

It started as I expected it to: we all talked about the game itself, future updates, etc.  But then the conversation quickly turned towards the future of board games in general.   Now, get two board game geeks into a room and you’ll hear this conversation. but bring in a man who’s single handedly changed the course of board games in the last 20 years?  That’s a moment you won’t soon forget.

Luckily I’d saved this conversation on my computer.  So below you’ll hear the entire thing, from the first moves of the game on.  Unfortunately you won’t get to see the game now found out who won: Gabe dropped out on us at the last minute.  Thanks Gabe . . .

The Players:

  • Andreas Seyfarth, the Puerto Rico game creator
  • Jim Squires from Gamezebo
  • Gabe Alvaro from BoardGameGeek
  • Brian from Appency (I apologize in adavance for the coughing, thank the allergies)

Also on the Call:

  • Thomas Bleyer and Patric Neusser from Ravensburger.

Audio MP3

The Adventures of Timmy - Run Kitty Run App IconThe newest game by New York based CB Labs turns heads at the recent ADOBE MAX Conference in Los Angeles.

(October 11, 2011 ) New York, NY – Last week when Adobe threw its annual MAX Conference to celebrate its newest software release, Adobe Edge, everyone was talking about the same thing: The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run. The newest game from CB Labs won over attendees with its immersive story, seamless gameplay, and for being the first mobile title to launch with built-in Adobe Edge graphics.

Created and published by CB Labs and developed by Salt Lake City based Rain Interactive, The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run tells the tale of a young school boy named Timmy who decides to wear a cat suit to school. While all the other kids on the playground make fun of Timmy, one girl named Kitty tries to befriend him. Unfortunately, Mitch, the school’s bully, has already taken a liking to Kitty and kidnaps her. Timmy must find a way to stop Mitch and his minions and get Kitty back safe and sound.

“Edge just worked so perfectly for what we were trying to accomplish,” said the game’s creator, Adam Kahn. “Not only did we get these amazing cutscenes out of it but we’re the first game, the first app really, to ever use this technology.”

The graphics resonated with MAX attendees. At a completely full Adobe MAX session, Rain’s Creative Director Dave Nimbley spoke on the program and its seamless integration into the game itself. “Edge gave us two great advantages over traditional iOS animation methods. First, we could allow our creative team to realize their vision autonomously, without having to sit over the shoulder of a developer and direct the assembly of the animations (which can be a painstaking, clunky process). And second, Edge gave us smooth-running performance without having to rely on video files, which would have resulted in a much larger download size. Even in its incomplete, pre-release state, we’ve proven that Edge is a viable option for beautiful animation in the iOS environment.”

Adobe even used it as an example of what the program was capable of. During the keynote on Tuesday the game was highlighted as an example of what was possible using the technology. Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s VP of Engineering, Design, ands Web, said of the development, “Sometimes you just do mind-boggling stuff that we didn’t even think was possible with the tool in the stage that it’s in. One of the companies that’s been doing that work has been Rain Interactive . . . and they released a new game last week called The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run.”

The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run is available in the iTunes App Store for a sale price of .99 cents.

In 2010, Crossborders created a subsidiary CB Labs for the sole purpose to create creative intellectual property in the digital products category. Leveraging smart phone and tablet distribution outlets CB Labs has launched its first iPhone/iPad game The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run. For more information on CB Labs, check out: http://crossborders.tv/work/cblabs-rkr

Rain is an internationally recognized and awarded digital creative software agency dedicated to providing clients with solutions that allow their customers to connect with them wherever they are through the web, desktop, or mobile. Clients include HP, Google, Ancestry.com, Sony Music, Universal Music, Hess, Corona, Adobe and Skullcandy. To find out more about Rain, visit http://www.mediarain.com.

Game Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAdvofTimmy
Screenshots: http://photobucket.com/RunKittyRun