The US has spoken! No longer will they be oppressed by the tyranny of overpriced GPS Navigation systems! Today, a new milestone has been hit. Skobbler Navigation, the first truly free turn-by-turn navigation has been lifted up by the people to the #1 free navigation spot in the US app store! This is a major milestone for the navigation industry, and already shaking up the competition as major competitors rush to drop prices to try an compete. We can only continue to urge the people to let their voices be heard, and tell their friends that no longer do they need to shell out money just to find their way home.

At Appency, we are happy to be able to say we are working hard with Skobbler to spread the word and must thank those at Macworld, GigaOM, Mobile Entertainment, CrazyMikesApps, Daynah (The PHP Princess), TouchMyApps and more for their voice as they shout it from the rooftops.

Skobbler. The Freedom to Find Your Way.

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