Hell Gets a Little Hotter with Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! Chapters 6-8 for the iPhone

Eyedip shares the gory details from two new chapters of the critically acclaimed iPhone app “Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” and also looks to give away the “iPad from Hell” to one lucky devil to celebrate new chapters

New York City, NY, April 26th, 2010 – Whoever first said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” never met Trizzy – the newest devil (and first female fiend) to grace the fires of “Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” – Eyedip’s renowned simulation game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As the makers of Eyedip rapidly roll out two daring new chapters to feverish fans this spring, Trizzy and a host of other devilish new features are keeping “Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” hotter than brimstone.

“Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” is the first open-ended simulation of the underworld, where users control a host of “Mugat2” (i.e., devilish minions of hell), as they interact with various instruments of torture, terror and mayhem. The pocket deity genre allows users to control and overpower a community of evil-minded population of characters and interactive elements in a constantly changing environment with no real “goal” other than the joy of omnipotence. Mini-games, such as “Mugat2 Slapfest,” “Skateboard Hellpipe” and the “Devil’s Ninja,” give users new ways to torment poor souls and rack up their death toll.

In early April, Eyedip introduced Chapter 6 entitled “Trizzy Protector,” in which gamers met Trizzy’s overzealous protector Spike, whose mission in the afterlife is to protect Trizzy’s virtues from the host of Mugat2 who haven’t seen a woman since their mortal lives. Chapter 7, entitled “The Bomb Diggity,” has just been approved by Apple, and in honor of Earth Day, adds a paper shredder large enough to recycle an unruly Mugat2, a bomb which will reduce them to smithereens, and the ability to plant a tree with the most unlikely of “fertilizers,” Mugat2 pee.

Coming soon is another circle of hell to be discovered in Chapter 8 entitled “More Power To Ya.” Due out this May pending Apple approval, users will get “recharged” with the introduction of an electric chair hooked up to 30,000 electrical volts – enough to roast an entire population of Mugat2 in the underworld. “More Power to Ya” will also enable gamers to track their mini-game achievements against others in a new, customized global leader board, which can be viewed here (once Chapter 8 is released).

To celebrate the new chapters and award their loyal fan base, Eyedip is giving away “The iPad From Hell” – a 16GB WI-FI iPad – to one lucky devil who votes online for their favorite Mugat2 head and tells us why they voted for it, by visiting eyedip. Eyedip is also accepting descriptions and sketches of new Mugat2 heads, which may contribute to the development of a new character in a later chapter. The contest ends on “Cinco De Mayo,” or May 5th 2010.

“Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” is available in the iTunes app store for $0.99 and is compatible with all Apple mobile devices running OS version 2.2.1 and higher.

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