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Sacramento, CA    Nov 30, 2011 – New York, New York

It’s been a busy last few months for CB Labs, who published their first game The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run with developer studio Rain Interactive. From launching at the Adobe MAX Keynote back in October, to being featured in the Apple “New and Noteworthy” section, it was still a huge surprise when the game showed up in the finals of the Mashable Awards for the Best Mobile Game category.

“We’re going up against the likes of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope,” Creative Director Adam Kahn said. “That’s huge in and of itself, especially for a game that’s only been out for about a month and a half.”

The game itself tells the tale of a young school boy named Timmy who wears a cat suit to school one day. While all the other kids on the playground make fun of Timmy, one girl named Kitty tries to befriend him. Unfortunately, Mitch, the schools bully, has already taken a liking to Kitty and kidnaps her. Timmy must find a way to stop Mitch and his minions and get Kitty back safe and sound.

About Rain Interactive:
Rain is an internationally recognized and awarded digital creative software agency dedicated to providing clients with solutions that allow their customers to connect with them wherever they are through the web, desktop, or mobile. Clients include HP, Google, Ancestry, Sony Music, Universal Music, Hess, Corona, Adobe and Skullcandy.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 2/3/4G iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later
* 96.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run 1.2 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run 1.2
Purchase and Download
YouTube Video

In 2010, Crossborders created a subsidiary CB Labs for the sole purpose to create creative intellectual property in the digital products category. Leveraging smart phone and tablet distribution outlets CB Labs has launched its first iPhone/iPad game The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run. Copyright (C) 2011 CB Labs. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Brian Collins
Account Executive
United States


Santa’s Existence Finally Proven Using High Tech iPhone App Software

(London, England) Is has been the holiday mystery of the ages – the real life existence of Father Christmas, better known to children around the world as the jolliest of elves…  Santa Claus.  Over the years, the FBI, Scotland Yard, MENSA and the Illuminati have all tried in vain to gather undeniable proof that the man in the big red suit did in fact exist. Today, the unthinkable, unimaginable has occurred… through new technology developed by Wet Nose Design in London, undeniable evidence proving Santa’s existence has been uncovered and made available to the world in the form of an app dubbed Santa’s Big Helper, available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

While typically able to make himself invisible to prying eyes, special patent pending technology inside Santa’s Big Helper will allow you to see Santa himself when he comes down your chimney and create a video of his entrance. This is no faked video – set it up and it will show Santa coming out of your fireplace in your very own house!

The Santa’s Big Helper app is equipped not only to gather and display proof of Santa’s existence but provides a direct line of communication to the north pole’s director of communications, DoseyToes the Elf, and a variety of other holiday treats. In fact, Santa’s Big Helper combines nine holiday apps into one package available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad including:

  • GPS Santa Tracker to follow his position on Christmas Eve as he makes his way around the world
  • Christmas soundboard with a festive holiday sound bites
  • Magic compass which lets you listen in when pointing to the North Pole
  • Personal messages to Santa (which you can later share via email)
  • Nice and naughty list allows inquisitive young ones to check their status
  • Ask an Elf provides a direct line of communication with Santa’s team up north
  • Elf Updates keep kids and parents alike posted on the latest happenings at Santa’s place
  • Christmas Countdown tracks the days until Santa arrives
  • The patent pending “Elf Cam” to capture footage of Santa in your own home.

Of course some of Santa’s magic is meant for grown-ups eyes only and in that way Santa’s Big Helper is any parent’s little helper this season.  A password-protected Grown Ups Only section within the app keeps app controls out of the wrong hands, and keeps the spirit of Christmas magic alive! Santa’s Big Helper for the iPhone and iPad is available worldwide in the iTunes App Store for a limited free engagement and will remain available for $1.99 as a universal application.


About Wet Nose Design:

Wet Nose Design is an independent developer of mobile applications, based in the UK. The company was formed to create unique, fun, and engaging experiences on the new generation of touch screen devices. Any rumors going around that Wet Nose Design is actually run by a group of rogue elves from the North Pole are completely unproven and will not be humored by the press people hired to write their press releases even if they are being paid in candy canes and Christmas cheer.


Press Contacts:

Aaron Watkins
Appency for Wet Nose Design




DoseyToes the Elf

Director of Communications,

North Pole Industries Inc.



Being both a mom and a marketer of apps, I get asked all the time – what apps are good for the kids?!?!?  So here is a list of apps that both my kids and I love.  Yes, some of my client’s apps are on this list – but a lot of these are just great fun apps.  In no particular order:

Screen shot 2010-02-22 at 9.22.25 PM Balloonimals [Games: $1.99] –  This is one of my personal faves.  Fun, unique and shows off a lot of the cool features of the iPhone.

Hershey's Hershey’s Chocolate Milk [Entertainment: Free] – My 4 year old’s favorite app! Perfectly simple – pour milk, add syrup, mix it up, drink it down…burp!

Curious George Curious George Coloring Book [Games: $2.99] – Well worth the money!  The app is constantly updated with new coloring pages for the holidays.  My 4 & 6 year olds both like it.

mouthoff MouthOff [Entertainment: $1.99] – Pick a cartoon mouth, hold your iPhone in front of your mouth and talk – guaranteed laughter from your audience – both old and young.

icon_monster MonsterABC [Education: $0.99] – Cute app that has an entertaining monster to interact with and work on pronouncing letters and words.  Perfect for my 4 year old.

Disney Channel Disney Channel Cover Styler [Entertainment: Free] – My 6 year old has turned every member of our family into a Hannah Montana and/or Jonas Brother picture!  Lets her add graphics, colors, upload pictures, etc.

smacktalk SmackTalk! [Entertainment: $0.99] – Voice altering app that outputs various squeaky voices with a choice of animals – guinea pig, puppy, kitten, and chihuahua.  Hours of entertainment.  All kids love this.

lightsaber Lightsaber Unleashed [Entertainment: Free] – This was the very first app that got my kids hooked!  Turns your iPhone into a lightsaber – need I say more?

anorak Anorak Magazine [Games: $0.99] – Calls itself the “Happy App for Kids” – stories, games, great artwork, and a British Accent!

iglowstick iGlowStick [Lifestyle: Free] – Break it and shake it!  Plus they update it with fun holiday glow sticks.

martha speaks Martha Speaks Dog Party [Games: $2.99] – Cute app based off the TV show on PBS.  Kids love to help Martha lick the plate clean.

tic tac toe Tic Tac Toe Free [Games: Free] – I think you get the drift…

hangman Custom Hangman [Games: $0.99] – Classic game of Hangman with a Pirate twist – and you can choose appropriate categories for your kids (like States of USA & US Presidents).  My 6 year old can’t get enough!

I could go on and on! Please comment with some of your favorites.  ENJOY!

annapic  Like any good mom I wish I had a million hours a day (and the patience) to read, play and teach my toddler all day long. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced day and age these moments are few and far between. Before work I need to get ready, after work we have errands to run and so on and so forth. Sometimes I just need to be able to drive the car without him being frustrated at having nothing to do. I could just get him one of those portable DVD players and glue him to that everywhere we go, but like all of us parents know, children shouldn’t watch more than an hour of TV on average everyday… according to our pediatrician and I try to set that limit even lower. However, I am only a human being and every time he cries or wants to run around in Target and it’s just us alone I can’t give in and play with him until he is satiated. If I did that, we would never make it home in time to cook dinner, eat, take a bath, read bed time stories AND be in bed by 9PM. 5Monkeys     A year ago when I got my iPhone my son, being the Curious George that he is, wanted to see what mommy does on it. At first we showed him some of the games I played, but then I had the brilliant idea to search for kids games and I found a whole bunch! Many of them were a disappointment, a waste of time and money. I don’t need a video-game addicted 3 year old. But a very few were fun and educational for him.     What does a mom want for her toddler to play with on her iPhone? For starters, nothing violent. I know that should be common sense, but that’s not so common these days. The colors have to be bright and attractive. The characters have to vary. The music should be fun and familiar (my son loves his “5 Little Monkeys” game and the “Wheels on the Bus”). Don’t be cheap and use a man’s monotone voice to help him learn to count numbers, as one application so pathetically did. Please make it a little bit more interesting than just opening the doors of a barn to find a new animal inside (no, offense PeekaBoo Barn, my son loves you, but I think you’re a waste of time). Teach them about letters, numbers and spelling! Allow them to draw or play the keys on a keyboard or another instrument. Teach them fun fact about the things little kids are already interested in: fire trucks, animals, etc. And reward them when they solve puzzles correctly. My son loves it when he completes a puzzle and the game tells him “Awesome” or, as one game brilliantly did, rewards him with stickers that he can paste in a mobile sticker book.     Let me tell you, as addicted as I am to my iPhone (and I can barely put it down), more than 60% of my applications are tailored towards educating and entertaining my child (of course I limit his use here as well). In addition, we use my iPhone to play soothing bedtime music before he goes to bed. WheelsBus So where do you find iPhone savvy moms like me? I spend most of my online time at Facebook, talking with friends and shareing updates about my son. I get tips from BabyCenter.com, find kid-friendly events and resources at GoCityKids.com and chatting with other moms like me CircleOfMoms.com. When choosing apps for my son, I rely heavily on reccomendations from other moms  

Anna is a working single mom. Born in Kiev, Ukraine she immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 4. She speaks Russian fluently and does her very best to make sure that her little boy will do the same. Anna attended UCLA and graduated with a degree in Psychology. She is currently working as a surgery coordinator in San Francisco.  

**Editors Note** I myself have children, but one is an 8 month old little girl, and the other is a 7 year old boy. Both play with my iPhone. The baby loves to play wtih "PhonyPhone" from BabyCenter, and my son loves iShoot – which, while it does involve tanks blowing each other up, does not portray any gore or life-like violence.

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