The new mobile apps are coming out every single day. Most of them fail within the first few months when the maker finds out that it’s not going to work because it’s a massive pool of millions of apps and new ones are coming every single day.

We decided to create a brief checklist of five main culprit reasons that make this happen and end up many founders’ dreams of building something out of their entrepreneurship passion. Interestingly, there are a few things which are common in many of the mobile apps that never make it and end up somewhere in the middle.

The viral app isn’t a success. It’s a hype. Once it goes up, then it goes down. Who plays Flappy Bird anymore? The problem with viral content is that it comes quickly and seizes everything, then it goes away. Today, Pokemon Go is a viral mobile game that is everywhere in the U.S and Europe. The question here is that, would it same or bigger after 2 years from now. It’s not even released in most of the countries yet.

Take a look at the 5 reasons why most of the new apps fail:

  1. The Core Concept

When the core idea of the app isn’t that strong or inspiring, it doesn’t do very well on the market. The core concept means the value proposition that makes the app stand out from the crowd. Before processing the raw idea of an app, if a founder does a little bit of analysis based on the target audience, territories, and demographics in order to make a fit between the core concept and the relevant audience. For instance, you won’t find elder people pursuing Pokemon on the roads, but young people would be everywhere in the public places playing the same game.

  1. The Weak Branding

Branding does have a huge role in any app’s success. The branding isn’t just about presenting the app in front of the people using the right name, logo, and color scheme, in fact, it also consists of the marketing plan of the app. If the founder of an app does understand the basics of branding, not only does he focus on the appearance of the app, but he also emphasizes on how to bring it in front of the target audience. The weak branding approach could end up many helpful apps that have the potential to grow and become bigger, but they end up without doing much on the market.   

  1. Marketing Budget

Having no marketing budget could end the game before it begins. In fact, having the budget and using it wrongly might bring the same kind of results. So, it shows that only budget doesn’t matter, the allocation of budget does too. Now, marketing has a various areas to invest the money in, for instance, in search ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, in-app advertising, so keeping all the eggs in the same bucket won’t help here, instead, try testing out the advertising models turn by turn, then compare the outputs of all the campaigns. Once you figure out the best ROI method of marketing, try to emphasize on that to grow. Once the startup founders and app makers put their whole marketing budget on one platform, they risk the whole marketing campaign, therefore, many apps don’t make it further.

  1. Storytelling

Storytelling is a way of engaging, entertaining, and attaching the audience towards the certain brand. The smart companies try to share the stories behind the apps or products they’re about to release. It shouldn’t be a concern that how they do it. Now we have the internet, social media, search engines, and lots of peer-to-peer messaging tools. Things actually go viral if they’re supposed to be and worth it. If a brand comes out and launches their apps on Google Play and App Store, and along the way, they add up a startup story of founders that how they started off or how the idea of the app came into existence. For instance, the story of Angry Birds that the founding company had launched 51 games before Angry Birds, but all failed and this one got huge success. Now everybody knows the story of Angry Birds.

  1. PR and Media Relations

One of the most important reasons of why an app fail is having no access to the mainstream online media, editorial staffs, and news publications. When you do have the relations on such level, it becomes easier for you to provide the information and news about your upcoming app. This is an untold reality of being successful in the mobile apps arena. Once an app founder or brand has this privilege which can’t be purchased, but can only be built over the course of time, then he can utilize it at the launches, and the odds are, when the high-profile and main stream publications publish a story of a newly born app that could potentially go huge, it actually gets closer to the success.

How to avoid it?

The purpose of this article was to help guide new startup owners and founders about taking the initial steps wisely because once they set up the base, it becomes harder to actually reinforce a whole new plan afterward. Choosing the right hands to get the job done would ultimately be the righteous thing to do.

About the Writer: Malik Usman works as a Content strategist and Internet Marketing expert with Citrusbits a mobile app development company based in San Francisco, USA. Reach out to him for mobile app development services.

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