We recently received some love from Clutch.com and wanted to share it with everyone. Appency was named one of Clutch’s Top App Marketing Agencies of 2015. Dozens of factors including company experience, client references, industry recognition and market presence were considered by the company when making their selections.

The Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies list was also based on a Leader’s Matrix that Clutch put together. On one axis “the ability to deliver” was measured and on the other, an agency’s “focus” was tracked. Thus the matrix was broken in four quadrants, Market Leaders, Proven, Emerging, and Niche. The full graphic can be seen below.

App Marketing Leaders

Our industry experience combined with mobile app focus pins Appency in the Market Leaders quadrant of the Leaders Matrix. While we focus our efforts (and have become experts) on mobiles apps specifically, our digital marketing tactics and strategies could be applied to many other products.

Clutch is a Washington DC-based research and review firm that serves as a resource for start-ups, mid-market and large enterprises looking to purchase professional services or software. They aim to connect these buyers with the best company or service available.

We at Appency sincerely appreciate this recognition and hope to continue earning such praises. We love to hearing positive feedback from clients and partners, so this made us feel especially warm and fuzzy.

The techie game was strong yesterday in the realm of outrageous April Fools’ Jokes, proving even developers have a great sense of humor.  We’re actually bummed some of these aren’t real… I mean, a Tinder for Uber drivers?! That’s pure genius! Here’s a look at what else gave our office a case of the giggles.

Groupon offers cat cab services for April Fools’ Day

Groupon offers Grouber, a cat taxi service

Also known as Grøüber, this transportation service that lets you order cars driven by cats. The future is meow.

Google introduces dial-up mode that slows down your internet

Google offered dial-up mode

This exciting slow technology will give you “more time to load the dishwasher and hug your kids!” Dial up and cuddle up, y’all.

The Selfie Shoe: Look, Ma, No Hands!

Selfie Shoes free up hands and puzzled fashionistas

“With smartphone docking ports on both feet, the selfie shoes offer a glimpse of a terrifying dystopian future that we hope never actually comes to pass.” Start practicing those high kicks, ladies.

Angry Birds releases a farming game named Agri Birds

Agri Birds revolutionize farming simulators

“Experience a story of love, loss and farming.” AGRI BIRDS. Our interns from UC Davis, the farm of the University of California, are particularly excited for the game.

PlayStation Flow lets you literally dive into your games

PlayStation Flow lets you get into your games in a real way

“When you get to a swimming environment in your game, simply pause the game… then head to your nearest swimming pool and dive right back into the action.” Who’s ready for an immersive experience?

“Algorithms translate your steps, distance, heart rate, movements, active time, and idle time into roleplaying metaphors to challenge and encourage you.”

ThinkGeek’s EnCounter – Wearable Interactive Quest takes wearables to a whole new level

ThinkGeek's EnCounter helps you exercise in a fun way

The tech world is obsessed with wearables, but this EnCounter promises a more fun way to get your walking done. Roll for a crit!

We know these are jokes, but… wow. Some of these April Fool’s jokes might just be crazy enough to work. Be sure to check out the rest of the crazy tech stunts from yesterday.

Did anyone pranksters get you? Share your stories in the comments below!


Jayla Lee is an assistant account coordinator at Appency who loves April 1: Lots of laughs and closer to spring? Count her in.