As a Communication major at UC Davis, I am exposed to definitions and theories in lecture and expected to regurgitate that information in midterms every few weeks. While all of the information I learn in the classroom is important, there are some things that I will need to know for the real world that I can’t learnatalien from the textbook. The experiences I gained during an internship allowed me to get a taste of what a typical day at work is like.

My winter internship with Appency was the first time I worked in a public relations and marketing agency in a start-up environment. I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome team to work with. From the first day of my internship, I was able to play with new apps before their release and work with the team to develop new strategies to market them better. In addition, I sat in on team meetings and participated in brainstorming sessions to pitch our clients’ apps to.

One of the main reasons why I chose Appency is because it’s a marketing firm that focuses on what most of us smartphone addicts use on a daily basis: mobile apps. With my interest in communications and technology, Appency was the perfect choice for me. The great thing about interning at Appency is that the staff members there really care about their teammates learning something new every day. I learned different strategies on how to find the best media outlets to reach out to, how to run Facebook ads, what tools I could use to search ratings on different apps, and more!

I had an amazing experience these past few months, and I certainly learned more about what it’s like to work at a marketing and public relations firm at Appency. If you’re looking for a fun internship where you are able to learn a lot about marketing in the technology sphere, Appency is the place for you!


Natalie Nguyen is graduating from UC Davis and pursuing a career in marketing and public relations.

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