Remember When Virtual Pets Were All The Rage?!

Hatchi app teleports you back to the key-chain friends of old…

(London, England) – They say there’s a Hatchi born every minute… and that’s just the beginning of the fun. Hatchi, by Portable Pixels Ltd., is a retro app rebooted for a new generation of fun-loving virtual pet owners. iPhone users can now nurture, clean, feed and play with their pets, right from their device.

The Hatchi reboot comes with all the things you love about virtual pets. Your Hatchi monster will go through several stages of growth (if you are a nurturing parent!), and will develop differently depending on the quality of care the player provides. A successfully raised Hatchi monster will be smarter, happier and require less attention.

Notifications remind pet owners when their little monsters need attention. You can also share Hatchi experience through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Other fun, new additions include:

  • New Food
    • Including apples, bread, cake, ice cream and turkey legs
  • Evolution
    • From egg, baby, child, teenager and adult
    • Several new forms your Hatchi can take (more than double the earlier versions)
  • New Endings
    • Take your adult Hatchi to the Forest Sanctuary to let him/her live his/her life in peace
    • Go to the Hatchi graveyard to lay your friends to rest
  • And, umm, pooping… seriously, it was the most requested new feature

Portable Pixels Ltd is a privately owned iPhone, iPad and Android development agency based in London with clients including Wallpaper* magazine, Audi, Alfa Romeo and Imperial College London. We believe in high production values and creating apps with charm. All development is done in house at our Camden Lock offices.

As well as the quality of our apps being recognized by Apple and displayed on in store iPads, our Wellnote app was recently highlighted in a speech by UK Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley.



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