BreathalEYES Measures Blood Alcohol Contenet (BAC) Through iPhone Camera

Using a variety of patent pending image tracking technologies, the BreathalEYES app is able to measure a users Blood Alcohol Content between 0.02 and 0.17%.

Nashville, Tennessee: New Years is here and it would not be surprising if you’ve planned a night out that includes drinking with your friends. Towards the end of the evening, one them wants to drive home, but you’re afraid they might have had too much to drink. What to do? No problem. Just pull out your iPhone & run a quick test with the BreathalEyes app from Xplor Corp.

BreathalEyes looks for the presence of Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) in the eye to determine their approximate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Unlike BAC calculators, BreathalEyes can be used at a moment’s notice. And, unlike a breathalyzer, it can be used multiple times in a row without any waiting. Simply frame the user’s eye on the screen and have them look to the side. Tap the screen to begin the test and a few seconds later BreathalEyes will tell you the user’s approximate BAC. (Margin of error +/- 0.02)

Do not be fooled. There are many fake breathalyzer apps available today. Only BreathalEyes uses science to determine real numbers. Check out the video of the tests between BreathalEyes and a police quality breathalyzer on YouTube.


  • Quick accurate BAC results on
  • No need for an internet connection to work
  • Adjustable light feature for use in low light settings (like a bar, for example.)
  • Accurate between BAC 0.02%-0.17%

BreathalEyes is intended for use on intoxicated individuals only, therefore it will not work unless you have been drinking. For best results, make sure that your iPhone’s lens is clean & that the subject has removed all eye ware.  All results are private and no data is ever recorded or retrieved from your phone by BreathalEyes.

BreathalEyes is optimized for the iPhone 4 and higher, and is available worldwide in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.



About Xplor Corps

Xplor Corps is a new company founded on the simple idea of honest excellence. We want to restore whimsy to the creative process and search for new and meaningful ways to improve form and function. We are explorers at heart, driven by learning and inspiring others to do the same. Our lawyers tell us we have to say BreathalEyes is for entertainment purposes only.  Each person reacts differently to alcohol. The test results are for reference only and may be affected by conditions such as high altitude and interaction with medications. BreathalEyes does not take any legal responsibility.  We would like to add:  please always drink responsibly.

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