Every year at about this time, people start to pull together their favorite “Top 10” lists of the year. Not to be left out, we wanted to put together our own top 10 list of the best viral videos we have seen in 2011.  Of course, since we are an app marketing company working with the awesome folks over at NXP Software, makers of the popular CineXPlayer app, we wanted to use their latest creation, VideoCam3D, to take these awesome videos and make them all 3D!  Throw on your 3D glasses and ENJOY! (Please note… the previews show side by side images – when you hit play, the 3D red / blue effect will start).

#10 – eHarmony Video Bio

For all of you who love cats… and really want to find a soul mate.

#9 – Anderson Cooper gets the Giggles on National TV

I’m a big fan of Mr Cooper, and it gives me great pleasure to watch a professional TV anchor lose it live on national telivision. What is more ridiculous… the ridiculousness he is reporting on or himself?

#8 – Twin Babies Talk it Up

Frankly, I just want to know what these guys are talking about. Id like to think it is about cool iPhone apps that they like but cant seem to agree on… Angry Babies perhaps?

#7 – The Video That Went Missing

I swear we had 10 of these. No really. Top 10 lists are the thing these days. Who wants a top 9 list? If you see video #7 – please let the authorities know… we’re still looking.

#6 – Father / Daughter “Home” Duet

As a father of a three year old little girl myself, I know how much they like to run around the house singing. Too bad I can’t play guitar to save my life…

#5 Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

Rumor has it this guy ended up getting a job after this, but alas, could not keep off the drugs or alcohol and ended up back on the streets. What a waste of good talent!

#4 Senior Citizens Dont Know They Are On a Webcam

There is nothing more amusing than the mixture of senior citizens… and technology. Watch what happens when you catch it on film!

#3 The Bed Intruder

I have just six words: “Hide Your Kids – Hide Your Wife.” (For more fun, don’t forget to check out the auto-tuned version of this!)

#2 Friday

It’s the best day of the week, right?



Because Honey Badger don’t care if you make him 3D. Honey Badger don’t give a shit. Honey badger gonna jump right out of the screen at you and eat your face. Nom.

Dont forget to share, and check out VideoCam3D for the iPhone and iPad to take a convert all your videos to 3D!

BreathalEYES Measures Blood Alcohol Contenet (BAC) Through iPhone Camera

Using a variety of patent pending image tracking technologies, the BreathalEYES app is able to measure a users Blood Alcohol Content between 0.02 and 0.17%.

Nashville, Tennessee: New Years is here and it would not be surprising if you’ve planned a night out that includes drinking with your friends. Towards the end of the evening, one them wants to drive home, but you’re afraid they might have had too much to drink. What to do? No problem. Just pull out your iPhone & run a quick test with the BreathalEyes app from Xplor Corp.

BreathalEyes looks for the presence of Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) in the eye to determine their approximate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Unlike BAC calculators, BreathalEyes can be used at a moment’s notice. And, unlike a breathalyzer, it can be used multiple times in a row without any waiting. Simply frame the user’s eye on the screen and have them look to the side. Tap the screen to begin the test and a few seconds later BreathalEyes will tell you the user’s approximate BAC. (Margin of error +/- 0.02)

Do not be fooled. There are many fake breathalyzer apps available today. Only BreathalEyes uses science to determine real numbers. Check out the video of the tests between BreathalEyes and a police quality breathalyzer on YouTube.


  • Quick accurate BAC results on
  • No need for an internet connection to work
  • Adjustable light feature for use in low light settings (like a bar, for example.)
  • Accurate between BAC 0.02%-0.17%

BreathalEyes is intended for use on intoxicated individuals only, therefore it will not work unless you have been drinking. For best results, make sure that your iPhone’s lens is clean & that the subject has removed all eye ware.  All results are private and no data is ever recorded or retrieved from your phone by BreathalEyes.

BreathalEyes is optimized for the iPhone 4 and higher, and is available worldwide in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.


http://www.breathaleyes.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV_n3xlriU4

App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/breathaleyes-bac-scanner/id477771569?mt=8

About Xplor Corps

Xplor Corps is a new company founded on the simple idea of honest excellence. We want to restore whimsy to the creative process and search for new and meaningful ways to improve form and function. We are explorers at heart, driven by learning and inspiring others to do the same. Our lawyers tell us we have to say BreathalEyes is for entertainment purposes only.  Each person reacts differently to alcohol. The test results are for reference only and may be affected by conditions such as high altitude and interaction with medications. BreathalEyes does not take any legal responsibility.  We would like to add:  please always drink responsibly.

Appency Announces the Newest Member of it’s Team, Thomas Dodson, to Lead the Company’s Parent and Family Division

Sacramento, CA: December 12th, 2011: Appency, the leading Public Relations and Marketing firm for mobile applications, is proud to announce the hiring of Thomas Dodson as its newest Account Executive. Thomas joins the team with more than fifteen years of professional journalism, public relations and marketing experience. Before joining Appency, Thomas worked with architect and construction firms and their public relations needs, before running off into the Costa Rican rain forest to promote a sustainable tree house community.

As the parent of two young children, Thomas has a keen interest in parenting and education-related applications. His professional know how and PR savvy, combined with his role as a parent are the perfect combination to lead Appency’s growing Parent and Family Division.

“I’m super excited about this opportunity,” says Dodson. “One of my life goals is to follow my passions. My children, obviously, are at the top of that list. Being able to watch them use apps, and learn from the newest technology is very rewarding. Then, being able to turn around and talk about what I’m seeing in a professional setting, is perfect for me.”