Santa’s Existence Finally Proven Using High Tech iPhone App Software

(London, England) Is has been the holiday mystery of the ages – the real life existence of Father Christmas, better known to children around the world as the jolliest of elves…  Santa Claus.  Over the years, the FBI, Scotland Yard, MENSA and the Illuminati have all tried in vain to gather undeniable proof that the man in the big red suit did in fact exist. Today, the unthinkable, unimaginable has occurred… through new technology developed by Wet Nose Design in London, undeniable evidence proving Santa’s existence has been uncovered and made available to the world in the form of an app dubbed Santa’s Big Helper, available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

While typically able to make himself invisible to prying eyes, special patent pending technology inside Santa’s Big Helper will allow you to see Santa himself when he comes down your chimney and create a video of his entrance. This is no faked video – set it up and it will show Santa coming out of your fireplace in your very own house!

The Santa’s Big Helper app is equipped not only to gather and display proof of Santa’s existence but provides a direct line of communication to the north pole’s director of communications, DoseyToes the Elf, and a variety of other holiday treats. In fact, Santa’s Big Helper combines nine holiday apps into one package available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad including:

  • GPS Santa Tracker to follow his position on Christmas Eve as he makes his way around the world
  • Christmas soundboard with a festive holiday sound bites
  • Magic compass which lets you listen in when pointing to the North Pole
  • Personal messages to Santa (which you can later share via email)
  • Nice and naughty list allows inquisitive young ones to check their status
  • Ask an Elf provides a direct line of communication with Santa’s team up north
  • Elf Updates keep kids and parents alike posted on the latest happenings at Santa’s place
  • Christmas Countdown tracks the days until Santa arrives
  • The patent pending “Elf Cam” to capture footage of Santa in your own home.

Of course some of Santa’s magic is meant for grown-ups eyes only and in that way Santa’s Big Helper is any parent’s little helper this season.  A password-protected Grown Ups Only section within the app keeps app controls out of the wrong hands, and keeps the spirit of Christmas magic alive! Santa’s Big Helper for the iPhone and iPad is available worldwide in the iTunes App Store for a limited free engagement and will remain available for $1.99 as a universal application.


About Wet Nose Design:

Wet Nose Design is an independent developer of mobile applications, based in the UK. The company was formed to create unique, fun, and engaging experiences on the new generation of touch screen devices. Any rumors going around that Wet Nose Design is actually run by a group of rogue elves from the North Pole are completely unproven and will not be humored by the press people hired to write their press releases even if they are being paid in candy canes and Christmas cheer.


Press Contacts:

Aaron Watkins
Appency for Wet Nose Design



DoseyToes the Elf

Director of Communications,

North Pole Industries Inc.


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