The Adventures of Timmy - Run Kitty Run App IconThe newest game by New York based CB Labs turns heads at the recent ADOBE MAX Conference in Los Angeles.

(October 11, 2011 ) New York, NY – Last week when Adobe threw its annual MAX Conference to celebrate its newest software release, Adobe Edge, everyone was talking about the same thing: The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run. The newest game from CB Labs won over attendees with its immersive story, seamless gameplay, and for being the first mobile title to launch with built-in Adobe Edge graphics.

Created and published by CB Labs and developed by Salt Lake City based Rain Interactive, The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run tells the tale of a young school boy named Timmy who decides to wear a cat suit to school. While all the other kids on the playground make fun of Timmy, one girl named Kitty tries to befriend him. Unfortunately, Mitch, the school’s bully, has already taken a liking to Kitty and kidnaps her. Timmy must find a way to stop Mitch and his minions and get Kitty back safe and sound.

“Edge just worked so perfectly for what we were trying to accomplish,” said the game’s creator, Adam Kahn. “Not only did we get these amazing cutscenes out of it but we’re the first game, the first app really, to ever use this technology.”

The graphics resonated with MAX attendees. At a completely full Adobe MAX session, Rain’s Creative Director Dave Nimbley spoke on the program and its seamless integration into the game itself. “Edge gave us two great advantages over traditional iOS animation methods. First, we could allow our creative team to realize their vision autonomously, without having to sit over the shoulder of a developer and direct the assembly of the animations (which can be a painstaking, clunky process). And second, Edge gave us smooth-running performance without having to rely on video files, which would have resulted in a much larger download size. Even in its incomplete, pre-release state, we’ve proven that Edge is a viable option for beautiful animation in the iOS environment.”

Adobe even used it as an example of what the program was capable of. During the keynote on Tuesday the game was highlighted as an example of what was possible using the technology. Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s VP of Engineering, Design, ands Web, said of the development, “Sometimes you just do mind-boggling stuff that we didn’t even think was possible with the tool in the stage that it’s in. One of the companies that’s been doing that work has been Rain Interactive . . . and they released a new game last week called The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run.”

The Adventures of Timmy: Run, Kitty, Run is available in the iTunes App Store for a sale price of .99 cents.

In 2010, Crossborders created a subsidiary CB Labs for the sole purpose to create creative intellectual property in the digital products category. Leveraging smart phone and tablet distribution outlets CB Labs has launched its first iPhone/iPad game The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run. For more information on CB Labs, check out:

Rain is an internationally recognized and awarded digital creative software agency dedicated to providing clients with solutions that allow their customers to connect with them wherever they are through the web, desktop, or mobile. Clients include HP, Google,, Sony Music, Universal Music, Hess, Corona, Adobe and Skullcandy. To find out more about Rain, visit

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