New app gives kids an artful, expressive, organic way to learn the alphabet on iPad

(September 13, 2011) BURBANK, CA — VivaKids’ ABC is an imaginative and playful app that brings an innovative style of alphabet learning to the iPad. Created by renowned designer and director Ulrike Kerber of Viva Design Inc. and Award winning app developer 1K Studios, VivaKids’ ABC is a step above the typical apps designed for children. With its inventive design, VivaKids’ ABC introduces a new element of interactivity by incorporating captivating videos to showcase letters and art that allows for creative expression.

This artistically dynamic app brings each letter to life with its stop motion animation. Not only do the videos present the alphabet in an aesthetically pleasing and engaging way, they focus on phonics, which provides children with the tools to learn the proper pronunciation of each letter. VivaKids’ ABC’s painting functionality is also a great building block for children to develop their letter-writing skills. Amidst artfully explosive backgrounds, colors and textures, children can practice the alphabet while enhancing their fine motor skills.

At the heart of VivaKids’ ABC is its creator, Ulrike Kerber.  A native of Germany and a mother of two, Kerber is a design professional who founded Viva Design Inc., and whose work has been recognized for a multitude of awards and nominations. Lucky for parents, Kerber recently combined her creative background with her passion for child development and education. VivaKids, her newest branch, creates media to engage children with exciting design, art, music and filmmaking for a more enriching and fun learning experience, while also appealing to parents’ sense of fun and style.  VivaKids’ ABC is her latest venture, and within one tap in the app, it is evident that Kerber’s background in graphic design, interest in education and artistic prowess sets VivaKids’ ABC a part from other children’s learning tools.

“Like most parents, I constantly look for new ways to creatively engage the imagination of my children,” said Kerber. “I eventually combined this personal interest with my professional work in animation at Since I enjoy producing experimental animations and short films, I decided to create an inventive, meaningful, and beautiful DVD series for children as well as iPad apps. The DVDs and iPad apps, along with craft kits and other interactive products, expose children to exciting design, art, music, and filmmaking.”

VivaKids’ ABC inspires letter recognition, reading and vocabulary. The letters of the alphabet are artfully composed of household objects and invite children to create them on their own.  After experiencing the alphabet videos, children are encouraged to color in each letter and create patterns. This process offers a unique learning experience and provokes engagement in toddlers and pre-kindergarten children with its colorful motion and imagination.

1K Studios is composed of creative minds that collaborate skills to enhance client success in all realms of digital media. 1K Studios is now putting its talents to use in the mobile industry, and making a name for itself in the app world. The company recently completed an acclaimed amplified version of Jack Kerouac’s iconic “On the Road”, which takes readers on an interactive journey into the mind of Kerouac. 1K Studios has partnered with to enhance education with the visionary spark, VivaKids’ ABC.

“Our objective at 1K Studios is to enhance creative works, whether in film, music or interactive media. With all our projects we begin with the overall creative vision that leads to a great user experience, and with VivaKids’ ABC I believe we have achieved that”, said Matt Kennedy, President and Executive Creative Director at 1K Studios.

VivaKids’ ABC is available for $2.99 on the iPad in the iTunes App Store.

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Featuring unique stop-motion videos produced by Emmyä nominated Kerber, Viva Kids’ ABC app sparks creative learning and combines a novel video interaction called watch and touch. Kerber’s innovative kids/ teens creativity lab attract students and interns from all over the world to her Viva Design Inc. studio in Santa Barbara, California. The emphasis of her classes is on divergent thinking, creative exercises and stop motion animations using recyclable materials.

About 1K Studios:
Based in Los Angeles, California, 1K Studios has created unique consumer experiences for the world’s top brands and media properties for over 12 years.  Their goal is to build dynamic digital products that excite, entertain and engage, regardless of platform. With an award winning team of designers, programmers, and content producers, 1K studios is committed to the highest standards of creative and technical accomplishment in mobile app, web, and social media innovation.



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