The ability to access and control a computer remotely has long been the domain of IT professionals and the super tech savvy, requiring complex setup and a near expert level of computer competence as well as budget willing to shell out high monthly fees. A new app launching this week for Android phones and tablets called “Imperio” aims to change that. With its straightforward easy install system and a wallet friendly price of $9.99 ($4.99 for the first lucky 1000 users), Imperio makes remote PC access an essential everyday tool for anyone’s mobile device.

“Imperio has been built from the ground up with our users in-mind. We realize that most remote access tools (RDP / VNC programs) are too corporate focused and complex” said Dan Metcalfe, CEO of Mobisoft Corp, creators of Imperio. “We wanted to design an app that was powerful, but simple enough that anyone could use it, I’m confident that users will find we have done just that.”

Beyond simple setup, Imperio’s feature set and speed bring it up to par with some major competitors including LogMeIn Ignition and Wyse. Some of these features include:

  • Wakey Wakey – Is your computer at home asleep? Imperio will turn it on to give you access to all your files and applications
  • Imperio Touch Copy™ – quick and easy file transfers to and from device ensuring you always have the data you need at your fingertips
  • Music / Audio streaming from PC to Mobile lets you not only see what’s going on, but hear it as well
  • Pinch / Pull zoom and expand for easy navigation of the remote computers screen from mobile device
  • PC compatibility with Windows 7, XP, Visa – either Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise + all Windows Server versions
  • Multi-Device support giving unlimited remote machine access on one license
  • Its secure: – With built in NLA (Network Level Authentication), TLS security methods, RDP 256-bit and 128-bit SSL encryption to industry leading standards
  • Android compatibility on both mobile devices and tablets

Check out the demo video on YouTube at

Screenshots available for download at

Team Imperio are a bunch of uber mobile geeks obsessed with anything mobile. Their main aim in life is creating great mobile things to share and please others. They enjoy what they do and hope their customers do too. Founded in 2009, they are a truly unique collection of people bought together by a common purpose – to have fun it what they do and make it shine through in their work. The Imperio team just love to connect too, so why not join them on Facebook or Twitter, or send them a mail to support(at)

Aaron Watkins
Appency for Imperio


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