It’s True. Hitting Ping Pong Balls with your iPhone and iPad is Hard to Do

Having run out of fun and interesting things to do with their iOS devices, more people are turning back to the classic game of Table Tennis for summer fun with disastrous results. Fortunately, an update to the #1 Table Tennis game in the app store and an expansion to the iPad blends the two in a fun, safe way that keeps your pricey device from being a dangerous projectile.

(Cupertino, CA) – Just because it fits in your hand and has a flat surface, that shiny new iPhone or iPad you are holding should NOT be used to play Table Tennis. A rash of support calls to Apple Store Genius Bar’s around the world have identified this as a serious problem this season, as the weather turns nicer and more and more people are dusting off their tables and opening their garages up for a fast paced round of smacking balls at each other. Rumor has it that an official announcement will be coming shortly advising iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to instead download the newly updated World Cup Table Tennis app from Skyworks games and refrain from swinging their devices around too much.

According to the official Apple Care terms and conditions, damage due to “accident, abuse, neglect, misuse, unauthorized modification, improper, unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or, fluctuation of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, or acts of God” is not covered by the warranty. While we have not contacted Apple for clarification, we believe that returning a wicked serve and accidently throwing your iPad across the garage may fall under “acts of God”.

World Cup Table Tennis from Skyworks Games has long been the leading Table Tennis app on the iPhone/iPod Tough in iTunes, with 9 million downloads to date. This update represents its first major overhaul of the iPhone/iPod Touch game since its initial launch in May, 2009. Skyworks is also introducing World Cup Table Tennis HD Free, with in-app purchase of the full game. Not only does the new update satisfy the ball bashing urges of Table Tennis enthusiasts everywhere, it also has a significant number of new features, including:

– New Career Mode: Play against 20 different countries while unlocking 8 different paddles, all with different physics
– Enhanced Tournament: Play for the Gold in quarters, semis, and the finals!  You choose which country you represent.
– Arcade: Table Tennis “wall practice” with different targets
– Head-to-Head: Compete in real time against another player on the same iPhone/iPod touch!
– Ten paddles, each with its own physics and game play.  Will you have a favorite paddle?

Players can also listen to their own music while playing, or challenge their friends using Apple’s Game Center or via email.

World Cup Table Tennis’s new update on the iPhone/iPod Touch is available now in the iTunes App Store for only $0.99 on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  And World Cup Table Tennis HD Free is now available for iPad! Check it out and give those little white balls a go!


Skyworks® entered the Apple App Store in 2009 and has seen rapid consumer acceptance of its games across the globe. The company’s games have quickly arisen to the Top 100 games of their respective segments in the App Store.  Skyworks® proprietary intellectual property includes dynamic ad serving technology, one of the largest, high quality casual game catalogs in the industry with a significant portion in 3d/sports games, and tools and routines to build games. In 2007, Skyworks® built ESPN’s Arcade gaming section, and continues to operate and power the website with a portion of its proprietary gaming catalog ( The company pioneered the concept of advergaming and built and launched for The Lifesavers Company. The company operated as a custom game developer until 2007 and achieved over one billion advergame downloads and 40 million monthly downloads from client’s web sites. Skyworks® clients included P&G, Sony, CBS, ESPN, Kraft, Ford and BMW.


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