ChatTime redefines low-cost international calling with a unique combination of ease of use, carrier-grade call quality, fanatical customer support and savings. Using ChatTime is just as easy and reliable as making regular phone calls on your iPhone but at a fraction of the cost.

ChatTime is an international calling app for the iPhone that can be used anytime and anywhere, globally, without requiring a Wi-Fi or 3G data connection, and it lets you call any phone in the world… not just other users with ChatTime installed. Calls placed with ChatTime sound crystal clear — no echo, no dropped calls, no false starts, no distortion and no delay.

Making international calls can be a frustrating experience with too many limitations. Calling cards are low cost, but complicated, inconvenient to use and too often deliver fewer minutes than a user paid for. VoIP apps, like Skype, relay their calls over Wi-Fi, forcing users to find and stay within the confines of a Wi-Fi hotspot while talking. Inconsistent call quality is a significant source of irritation as calls sent over Wi-Fi and especially those sent over 3G data typically result in echo, delay and dropped calls — forcing users to think twice before dialing.

ChatTime is free from all of these limitations. Armed with a cellular signal, users can dial anyone, anytime — it’s that simple! For users in countries where incoming calls are free, ChatTime’s callback feature converts the outbound call into a free inbound call – which avoids using carrier minutes.

“The high-cost of international calling has always been a concern” says Dan Currie, co-founder: “Before ChatTime, I would find myself using multiple solutions — Wi-Fi if available, or my carrier for important calls or when Wi-Fi wasn’t available. With ChatTime, users can rely on a single solution, they have the freedom to make high quality calls wherever they are, whenever they want, at rates similar to what they would pay using a Wi-Fi Voip solution like Skype.”

When asked about the user experience of ChatTime, Doug Simpson, co-founder, stated “We took a fundamentally different approach from our competitors, choosing to focus on making the experience just as easy and reliable as making regular phone calls on your iPhone while still delivering the savings of Wi-Fi calling. In the past, Wi-Fi calling became popular as a way to avoid using local minutes but it comes with too many compromises and today the cost of local minutes is an insignificant portion of the cost of international calling. While unlimited data plans are becoming extinct, it is increasingly cost effective to get an unlimited plan for local calls or add our local access number to AT&T’s ‘A-list’ or Verizon’s ‘Friends & Family’ program, rendering Wi-Fi calling pointless.”

ChatTime’s unique features make it stand out from competitors. Don’t know the time in the country you are calling? ChatTime displays the time to help avoid users calling at the wrong hour. Not sure of the correct format for international calling? ChatTime will automatically format the number to international standards. No credit card handy? ChatTime lets you easily and quickly charge credit purchases to your iTunes account.

With over 4 million minutes of phone calls already sent over ChatTime’s network, it is clear that there is huge demand for low-cost international calls that are just as easy and reliable as regular phone calls on the iPhone. ChatTime is being used by customers in more than 160 countries and has been featured by Apple in over 24 countries, has been the #1 Highest Grossing app in over 5 countries (in it’s category) and is currently in the Top 25 of the highly competitive Social Networking category in the USA.

ChatTime is the answer for those that refuse to be limited to a Wi-Fi hotspot while making calls, refuse to sacrifice call quality or maybe never tried a low-cost calling solution because until now the options were just too much hassle. ChatTime is available for download in the Apple App Store. For more information, visit ChatTime online, Twitter or Facebook.

System Requirements:

  • iPhone iOS 3.1.2 or later

About SmartRoam Pte Ltd.

SmartRoam was founded in 2008 with offices in 5 countries, SmartRoam’s flagship product ChatTime is the leading low-cost international calling service for the iPhone. SmartRoam customers benefit from solutions that are easy to use, deliver carrier grade call quality and savings of up to 97% on international calling without the limitations of Wi-Fi or 3G data.



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