London, New York, Bordeaux – What is news? From late breaking updates on the troubles in Egypt to the latest tech gadgets from Macworld, the definition of important news is like that of beauty – it’s in the eye of the beholder. With tens of thousands of news stories every day from thousands of sources, sorting through the noise to find news that is of personal interest to you the reader has always been a tedious task – until now. After a test launch in the EU, the smart news reader “News Republic” has launched their app in the global market with their proprietary TagNav(C) news sorting system that can create a personalized stream of news tailored to the preferences of the individual reader.

Mobiles Republic CEO, Gilles Raymond, commented, “In a world of information overload people want to receive timely and accurate information on subjects that specifically interest them. News Republic does all of that and addresses the natural need for users to have full and complete access to information on the subjects they really like – instantly.”

With the TagNav(C) system, you can delve deeper into the stories that are most important to you by selecting highlighted keywords (e.g. “Barack Obama,” “Los Angeles,” or even “Charlie Sheen”) to pull up a bevy of targeted articles related to that keyword. Over time, News Republic learns what news you read the most and will display the top articles based on your distinct tastes.

Overall, News Republic aims to be the premiere news app for the smart and savvy reader because it portrays the international, “big picture” perspective of a story through its numerous, high quality sources, including the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse, and much more.

News Republic At-A-Glance:
* Fresh, global content: updates from the most respected newswires worldwide provide thousands of the top stories in US News, International, Business, Sports, Technology, Entertainment and more.

* Your personalized news channel: endless customization options with your myNews channel as you pick the topics, people, or events that you want to read about.

* Surf the news: the TagNav(C) system allows you to explore specific topics related to news stories you’ve read and add them to your own myNews channel.

Pricing and Availability
News Republic is free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store, Android Market and independent stores (GetJar, Appbrain, Androlib, etc.) in the News section.

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