Renowned organic medicine physician Craig Koniver, MD, launches 42 Healthy Solutions, an easy-to-use iPhone application that enables users to discover over 70 natural supplements to treat several common ailments—including headaches, depression, and memory loss.

Charleston, South Carolina – With the flu and cold season kicking into high gear, many are stockpiling over-the-counter drugs in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms temporarily. But instead of downing different pills, now people can turn to Dr. Craig Koniver’s new iPhone app, 42 Healthy Solutions, for natural supplements that can help treat a host of common illnesses.

“Nutritional, natural supplements are so much better than over-the-counter meds – they come from the Earth and therefore do not carry the caustic side effects that many medicines have,” said Dr. Koniver. “Also, since there are so many natural supplements available, there truly is a natural option for everything.”

With 42 Healthy Solutions, users can look up a variety of ailments – ranging from allergies and asthma to upper respiratory infections and weight loss – to discover the natural supplement protocol that can aid in treating their afflictions. 42 Healthy Solutions is linked with Dr. Koniver’s Organic Performance Lab store, which offers supplements specially formulated by the doctor himself; all are conveniently available for purchase in-app. To ensure they are taking their supplements at the optimal times, users can schedule push notification reminders.

42 Healthy Solutions also features an RSS feed to Dr. Koniver’s blog, which he frequently updates with posts about healthy living, disease prevention, and current health-related news.

42 Healthy Solutions At-A-Glance:
* Category section: lists 42 different common illnesses, along with the natural supplement protocols that aid in combating them
* Supplements section: includes information on over 70 essential supplements specially formulated by Dr. Koniver, with the ability to share the articles via email or Facebook
* Shop section: allows users to purchase the supplements from Dr. Koniver’s Organic Performance Lab store within the app.
* Blog section: constantly updates to Dr. Koniver’s most recent posts on healthy living, disease prevention, and other health-related news
* More section: schedule push notifications reminding users of the best time to take supplements

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later
* 2.3 MB

Pricing and Availability
42 Healthy Solutions 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Health and Fitness section.

About the Developer

Craig Koniver, MD, a graduate of Brown University and Jefferson Medical College, opened Primary Plus Organic Medicine, LLC in Charleston, SC in 2006 to bring his expertise in natural medicine to the Charleston area.  Dr. Koniver combines his background in modern, conventional medicine with his unique expertise in organic, natural medicine to treat thousands of patients each year.  He created the 42 Healthy Solutions iPhone App in order to help his patients and many others remember when to take their natural nutritional supplements. Dr. Koniver is a strong believer that there is a natural option for every health concern.  Currently, Dr. Koniver is busy at work taking care of his patients, writing a new book, and preparing for the release of 42: Real Health for Men, a new ezine for men’s natural health.

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