San Francisco, Calif.,  – TheFind, a leading shopping search engine and provider of the best in-store price comparison app, today reported that for the holiday weekend (through noon on Sunday EST) mobile shopping trips increased by 4.6x over the year prior.  TheFind, which sees roughly 1 million shopping visits per day, also reported that mobile traffic accounted for roughly 25 percent of all shopping visits over the holiday weekend as compared to only 15 percent of all shopping visits for the Thanksgiving weekend in 2009.

“In-store comparison shopping using smartphones is showing incredible growth, and progressive retailers are adjusting their strategies to account for a savvier consumer,” said Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind.  “Indicative of this trend is our partnership with stores such as Best Buy to show contextual and relevant ads to shoppers based on the items they are actually looking to buy.”

TheFind reports that almost half of all the people who have downloaded their app are using the barcode scanner, in addition to taking advantage of the text search capability also built into the app.  Also of note is a 3 to 1 advantage for iPhone/iPod/iPad usage over Android devices, while BlackBerry usage of TheFind’s mobile web site actually declined 11% over last year.

With the Web influencing over 42 percent of all retail transactions, according to Forrester Research, people are clearly doing their homework online before ever stepping foot in a store. At the same time, TheFind notes that holiday shoppers are browsing retail stores during the weekends and after work, continuing or completing their shopping trips once they’re back online. The busiest online shopping times on are typically Monday mornings at 9 a.m. while mobile shopping searches spike after normal office hours and on the weekends. As a result, TheFind is experiencing better than forecasted growth for ecommerce, and is running at 26 percent above last year’s level.

“To date, standalone mobile shopping apps have fallen short because they cannot connect consumers’ in store shopping to consumers’ online shopping activity, either before or after they visit a store,” said Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind. “TheFind Mobile works on the simple premise that a mobile app has more utility when it can scan or search for prices in every store and also be integrated – seamlessly – with the savvy way that people shop from their homes, online.”

By installing TheFind Mobile (for free) on their iPhone or Android device and logging in using Facebook Connect, people automatically create a free account on TheFind that helps them keep track of their searches, items they have saved and preferences for specific brands and stores.  Consumers can access this account on both and on their phones with TheFind Mobile app. For instance, when someone scans an item in the store, they can also access that item on their computer; and conversely, when a consumer saves items of interest at home, they can instantly recall those items on their mobile phone when they’re actually at the store.

TheFind Mobile is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch at the Apple iTunes Store, equipping shoppers to search, compare and shop with the touch of a finger. TheFind Mobile is also available for Android phones at the Android Market.

TheFind also reported that the most scanned category are electronic items and video games with Samsung 32 inch LCD TV, iPhone/iPad and Call of Duty: Black Ops being the most sought after items. For text search, traffic is highest in apparel (parkas, jackets, dresses, hats), jewelry and shoes.

About TheFind

TheFind makes it easy to shop, for anything you like, in every store, all at once. Made possible by patented search and discovery technology, TheFind is the fastest growing top-tier shopping engine and the one people return to more than any other according to comScore’s measure of comparison shopping engines. Ranked number 12 on the 2010 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies, TheFind was founded in 2005, has been profitable since late 2008, and was venture funded by Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Redpoint Ventures.  TheFind is a San Francisco and Silicon Valley-based company.

Renowned organic medicine physician Craig Koniver, MD, launches 42 Healthy Solutions, an easy-to-use iPhone application that enables users to discover over 70 natural supplements to treat several common ailments—including headaches, depression, and memory loss.

Charleston, South Carolina – With the flu and cold season kicking into high gear, many are stockpiling over-the-counter drugs in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms temporarily. But instead of downing different pills, now people can turn to Dr. Craig Koniver’s new iPhone app, 42 Healthy Solutions, for natural supplements that can help treat a host of common illnesses.

“Nutritional, natural supplements are so much better than over-the-counter meds – they come from the Earth and therefore do not carry the caustic side effects that many medicines have,” said Dr. Koniver. “Also, since there are so many natural supplements available, there truly is a natural option for everything.”

With 42 Healthy Solutions, users can look up a variety of ailments – ranging from allergies and asthma to upper respiratory infections and weight loss – to discover the natural supplement protocol that can aid in treating their afflictions. 42 Healthy Solutions is linked with Dr. Koniver’s Organic Performance Lab store, which offers supplements specially formulated by the doctor himself; all are conveniently available for purchase in-app. To ensure they are taking their supplements at the optimal times, users can schedule push notification reminders.

42 Healthy Solutions also features an RSS feed to Dr. Koniver’s blog, which he frequently updates with posts about healthy living, disease prevention, and current health-related news.

42 Healthy Solutions At-A-Glance:
* Category section: lists 42 different common illnesses, along with the natural supplement protocols that aid in combating them
* Supplements section: includes information on over 70 essential supplements specially formulated by Dr. Koniver, with the ability to share the articles via email or Facebook
* Shop section: allows users to purchase the supplements from Dr. Koniver’s Organic Performance Lab store within the app.
* Blog section: constantly updates to Dr. Koniver’s most recent posts on healthy living, disease prevention, and other health-related news
* More section: schedule push notifications reminding users of the best time to take supplements

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later
* 2.3 MB

Pricing and Availability
42 Healthy Solutions 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Health and Fitness section.

About the Developer

Craig Koniver, MD, a graduate of Brown University and Jefferson Medical College, opened Primary Plus Organic Medicine, LLC in Charleston, SC in 2006 to bring his expertise in natural medicine to the Charleston area.  Dr. Koniver combines his background in modern, conventional medicine with his unique expertise in organic, natural medicine to treat thousands of patients each year.  He created the 42 Healthy Solutions iPhone App in order to help his patients and many others remember when to take their natural nutritional supplements. Dr. Koniver is a strong believer that there is a natural option for every health concern.  Currently, Dr. Koniver is busy at work taking care of his patients, writing a new book, and preparing for the release of 42: Real Health for Men, a new ezine for men’s natural health.

TotsMobile introduces BugMath, a colorful and educational iPhone game that uses Singapore’s math principles to teach young kids core math concepts.

Los Angeles—Bugs: they’re creepy and crawly. Aliens: mysterious and fearsome. But bugs and aliens no longer have to be a source of fright and terror for your kids now that TotsMobile has launched BugMath, a fun and educational iPhone game that teaches children ages 3 to 6 fundamental math concepts. BugMath stands apart from all other kid’s math games in the App Store since it teaches kids math via Singapore’s math principles.

Since the math curriculum of Singapore consistently ranks in the top three of curricula worldwide, TotsMobile incorporated the country’s counting, addition, and subtraction principles into the game. In particular, BugMath teaches fundamental math concepts in a graduated format, beginning with counting with the aid of visual cues and progressing on to show the correlation of these objects to numbers and words—and later on, number ordering and basic addition and subtraction.

“BugMath approaches mathematics from different angles—particularly through a story that engages and the systematic practice of math skills through ease of repetition,” says Yvone Foong, CEO of Zixxe Pte. Ltd., the parent company of the TotsMobile brand. “The goal is to boost kids’ confidence while having fun! Zixxe, under the TotsMobile brand, will continue to produce an exciting array of content for kids on various mobile platforms. ”

BugMath introduces children to Ug-ug, a friendly young alien who loves math. Ug-ug accidentally crash-lands on the mystifying planet of Aliennz, which is completely inhabited by bugs. Kids can help Ug-ug escape his buggy foes in BugMath’s five games by utilizing their counting, addition, subtraction, and memory skills.

Young children can start their adventure with Ug-Ug in the Counting Game, which teaches double-digit numbers. Then kids can move on to Big & Small, a game with bugs of varying sizes that must be sorted sequentially or in reverse order. There’s also Plus Minus Bugs, which aids kids in learning basic addition and subtraction. In Bug Attack, a voiceover will count the number of bugs the user zaps, while in Matching, the user will use their memory skills to pair up the hidden bugs. In every game, Ug-ug is the perfect alien buddy to help your child enhance his or her math skills!

BugMath At-A-Glance

  • Five fun games included: Bug Attack, Counting Game, Big & Small, Plus Minus Bugs, and Matching.
  • Teaches number recognition, sequencing, and logical thinking through visual and auditory clues—all in a fun and engaging way!
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface designed to help develop fine motor skills in young children.
  • Colorful, vibrant graphics and an all-original soundtrack.
  • Unlimited replay and educational value!

Pricing and Availability

BugMath is $1.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Education section.

About TotsMobile of Zixxe Pte. Ltd.

TotsMobile is the children’s brand of Zixxe Pte. Ltd., a transmedia company that produces quality content for various platforms, ranging from film and television to interactive mobile. Under the direction of Zixxe, TotsMobile produces entertaining and educational mobile games and ebooks for kids.

Combining ice cream and the walking dead, Zombies Ala Mode is a fresh take in the zombie game genre, providing scoop upon scoop of delicious playing hours, brain freeze not included.

Chicago, IL. – Crawl Space Games announces today the release of Zombies Ala Mode for iPhone. A tasty treat, Zombies Ala Mode provides a new type of game portraying zombies as not the typical mindless brain eating killers, but as individuals with a propensity to losing chunks of flesh and a bit of a musky odor they can’t quite shake. Doesn’t mean they can’t serve you ice cream, though!

Play as a hard working zombie trying to make it in this economy. The journey begins by answering a help wanted ad for an Ice Cream Parlor assistant. Fill customer orders while dodging obstacles and try not to get fired. Earn your wage plus tips & bonuses for being a quick and timely worker with great customer satisfaction!

Zombies Ala Mode gives users 50 levels and 3 different games modes, Career, Survival and Bug Attack. Using tilt sensitivity control, navigate through obstacles like ice cream scoopers, boots, water bottles and skateboards while trying to serve customers. Obtain upgrades like a helmet that will keep your zombie in shape to handle the most difficult orders. It’s survival of the fittest, or deadest in this case.


  • 3 game modes (Career, Survival, Bug Attack)
  • OpenFeint
  • Superb tilt sensitivity
  • Putrid flesh

Zombies Ala Mode is available for $2.99 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. An iPad and Android version of Zombies Ala Mode are slated to launch in the coming weeks. Follow Zombies on Twitter, @crawlspacegames and Facebook.

About Crawl Space Games

Crawl Space Games, a division of Elevate Entertainment LLC, has created and developed mobile application games for the iOS and Android platforms since their launch in 2009. Zombies Ala Mode is the second release for the company following the successful debut of their first game Knife Toss. Online at Copyright © Crawl Space Games. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Crawl Space Games, developers of the upcoming iPhone game Zombies Ala Mode, completely rebuilt their application using the newly released Corona Game Edition in less time it took Apple to approve the original build.

Chicago, IL – In the dark ages of the mobile application industry porting applications from one platform to another used to be an arduous and expensive task. Not the case in the modern world of smartphones. Chicago developer Crawl Space Games was faced with the need to rebuild their latest game, Zombies Ala Mode, when time was of the essence. The original version was already submitted to Apple for approval and a new build was needed before Apple published the application.

In order to face their publication deadlines, Brock Henderson, Partner at Crawl Space, was faced with a two week timeframe to reproduce the entire game from scratch. In desperation, the Crawl Space team sat down with the newly released Corona Game Edition from Ansca Mobile and a giant pot of coffee and proceeded to write code.

One week later, not only was a brand new iPhone version of Zombies Ala Mode built and ready for submission to Apple but the faster, more graphically optimized game was ready to rock on the iPad and Android operating system as well.

The decision to make the switch from the original build to Corona was to ultimately enhance the game’s features and user experience. “It has revolutionized our development work flow. Our games are created in a fraction of the time and will be available for a wide release on Android and iOS.”

The pros of using Corona Game Edition far outweigh the delay of releasing the game The build size of the app will be less than half the original size, the loading time is virtually non-existent and Zombies will simultaneously get released on the Android platform with an iPad optimized version launching soon after that.

Zombies Ala Mode will be available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. An iPad-optimized version is scheduled for release soon after. Follow Zombies on Twitter and Facebook.

About Crawl Space Games

Crawl Space Games, a division of Elevate Entertainment LLC, has created and developed mobile application games for the iOS and Android platforms since their launch in 2009. Zombies Ala Mode is the second release for the company following the successful debut of their first game Knife Toss. Online at Copyright © Crawl Space Games. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Our client Footfeed (they developed an awesome multi-checkin/deal aggregator iPhone app) is giving away a free ticket to Under the Radar (it’s worth $800!) for the winner to attend as their guest.

Under the Radar is a great event that’s coming up on November 16th in Mountain View, CA. It’s a conference where retailers, brands and media companies discuss methods of improving their customer relationship and engagement levels. Many prominent people in the mobile industry will be there on the judging panel, including execs from CBS, Yahoo, Verizon, MTV, and more.

If you’re interested in attending, just fill out this form:

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Under the Radar:

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