App developer Toytek takes Mike Wilks New York Times best selling puzzle book ‘The Ultimate Alphabet’ and transforms its magical paintings into a diabolically difficult interactive hidden objects game with a twist, for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and offers up four autographed copies of the original book to the brave word hounds who can complete letters A through D.

In 1986 famed artist, illustrator and author Mike Wilks released into bookstores everywhere “The Ultimate Alphabet”, a collection of twenty six stunningly intricate paintings, one for every letter of the alphabet. In each painting were hidden anywhere from 30 (for the letter X) to more than twelve hundred (for the letter S) objects each whose name started with the corresponding letter. Unlike a traditional hidden objects game, the list of objects and corresponding words is completely unknown.  Twenty four years later, independent game developer Toytek has brought the classic back to life as an interactive hidden objects game for the iPhone and iPad.

The initial four letters release for the Apple devices include over 1500 objects, with an estimated 15 hours of game play for those with the vocabulary of an English professor or have Wikipedia on speed dial.  Each object often has multiple words associated with it – you may find that the CAT you so easily picked out on the letter C puzzle also happens to be a CARNAVORE  and would be considered a CREATURE. What’s more – it’s wearing a COLLAR and a CHAIN and is thus a CAPTIVE. Think you have it? There’s one more word to figure out!

Not a NY Times level wordsmith? Have a child that wants to grow their vocabulary? To assist players, highlighting an image will allow you to request clues ranging from cryptic crossword style hints by renowned setters Philip Marlow and Brian Dungate to straight definitions, word jumbles and finally a jigsaw puzzle of letters to place together.

Using clues will bring down your achievement level however, and those looking to win the Mike Wilks autographed copy of the hardbound ‘The Ultimate Alphabet’ need to be the first to complete one of the letters A through D with a perfect gold trophy, a daunting task even for the MENSA crowd. Although the original ‘The Ultimate Alphabet Workbook’ which detailed out the 7,777 hidden words was written using the British English spellings, the app has been adapted to accept both British and American English spellings.

Take a dive into this beautiful and immersive world with a free trial that includes unlimited play of the letter A, with additional levels available as in-app purchases. Currently letters A-D are available, however as puzzlers continue to test their mental muscle on various letters of the alphabet, additional letters will be available as free unlock-able levels.

About Toytek

Toytek is a small games development studio based in heart of Guildford, UK. It was founded in 2008 by Georgina Mackenzie. Since 2009 Toytek has been focused on bringing high quality, innovative educational games to new platforms and have mainly been developing games for the iPhone,iPod Touch and iPad, but the plan for the future  includes developing for the web and other mobile/handheld devices.


The Ultimate Alphabet iPhone App

The Ultimate Alphabet iPad App

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