Codename: RocketBoy

Home Planet: Hauska

Favorite Color: Red

Likes: Building rockets, Playing with friends, Yelling “Yee ha!” as loud as he can.

Dislikes: Monkey Fleas, Metal Buildings, Cannons that Backfire

Our hero began his life on the planet Hauska as a regular, happy little boy who spent his days climbing trees with his friends, building toy rockets and generally having fun. But when the evil monkey Gordo arrived on his planet replacing fun and happiness with despair and misery, the little boy knew he had to act. He built a rocket powerful enough to fly around the galaxy and strong enough to blast through the cages the evil monkey and his robot minions were using to imprison their captives. And with that, our hero emerged as RocketBoy and began his crusade to bring the fun back into the world. As he travels from planet to planet he is recruiting new heroes into his team, the Cannon Cadets, an elite force with the mission of restoring fun to the galaxy and showing Gordo how to be happy again.

Check out Rocketboy in the upcoming game Cannon Cadets, by XMG Studio!

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