Mobile Music Apps for Kids Provide Both Educational and Entertainment Benefits

In a modern age of technology, parents are more frequently relying on their mobile phones as part time entertainment for their children. Which apps are the best for young minds? Those that strongly incorporate music alongside bright visual imagery says Genera Interactive, cCreators of the Kids Song Machine for the iPhone  and iPod Touch.

Genera has developed a solution for parents looking for the perfect children’s app. Music is an important part of the growth and development of toddlers, according to experts who say that it provides a “rich sensory environment” for children and helps in the development of neural pathways in the brain. Kids Song Machine, developed by Genera, is a children’s app that provides that exact environment. Children who play or sing music regularly not only do better with math and reading in school, but play better with others and have been reported to have a higher self esteem.. With the application, parents can help their children on the go or between tasks – spurring development rather than mindless entertainment.

With that ina focus on both child development and fun, mind, Genera introduces Kids Song Machine is- an application centered on music, specifically for young children. Children’s brains develop fastest when they are young, with 80 percent of brain development occurring by age 3,2 and with music being both a fun and beneficial activity, they should get the most through actively experiencing it. The application uses rhythm and song to make the transitions from one activity to another a memorable learning experience – not only because children enjoy them, but because it helps in learning numbers, letters, and songs.

Kids Song Machine gives parents the option of not only entertaining their children, but it allows them to both interact with the program throughplay in the digital world  touching and sing in a grouping. Characters are set in a rich and cartoon-like environment, where toddlers and young children will be drawn into a world with a host of nursery rhymes and familiar children songs. The easily readable lyrics will also allow kids to follow-along, even if they aren’t familiar with the old classics.

While many of the currently available children’s song apps in iTunes only boast one tune, the Kids Song Machine boasts six classic children’s songs including “Wheels on the Bus”,  “I’m a Little Teapot”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Row Row Row Your Boat”, “Hickory Dickory Doc” and “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”

Kids Song Machine is available for immediate download for $1.99 through the iTunes app store. It is compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with operating system 3.0 or higher. For more information, visit or search in iTunes.

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