Ever wonder what happens to your favorite soccer team when they get their ball handed to them and the chance to win the World Cup is gone? If it was up to many fans, banishment to the depths of hell seems like an appropriate punishment. Don’t have a direct line to the underworld? Take your frustrations out while celebrating your patriotic spirit with Pocket Devil chapter 10 – “UnderWORLD Cup” for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Are you disappointed in your favorite soccer team? Do you want to impale them on spikes and kick balls at their heads? While human impalement is generally frowned upon in all fifty states,  iPhone users can take out their World Cup frustrations with the newest chapter of Eyedip’s hit app “Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” which has just been released to the iTunes app store in the wake of America’s poor showing in South Africa.

In Chapter 10 – “UnderWORLD Cup” players have access to a new mini game for the footy enthusiast, which allows you to practice your skills by firing soccer balls at unsuspecting Mugat2 during practice mode, and then try your skills against Spike, the demon turned goalie with the Penalty Kick challenge. Defend your own goal from ball busting Mugat2’s and celebrate your victories by tying your unsuspecting minions to some leftover bottle rockets and blast them into the sky in a blood red fireworks celebration.

But hell on the soccer green is not the only addition that the hellish overloads at Eyedip have cooked up recently. In response to user demands, Pocket Devil is now fully integrated with the OpenFeint gaming system to deliver global leader boards, trophies, and a way to keep track of how good you are at decapitating Mugat2.  As long as you are in a decapitating mood, try out the Underworld Massacre mini-game where you can slice, dice, and puree your way to a devilish bloodbath, using a variety of weapons from a Machete to Handsaw to every Texan’s favorite, the Chainsaw.

You can find “Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!” in the iTunes App Store Entertainment category for only $0.99. Chapter 10 is fully compatible with any iDevice using iOS 3.0 or later including the new iOS 4.0 system. For devilish updates, follow @ThePocketDevil on Twitter.

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