pic2shop_cart_iconBelgium based company Vision Smarts announces the rerelease of pic2shop, a free real-time barcode scanning application available now in the iTunes store. Pic2shop boasts faster and more accurate barcode scanning allowing consumers to compare competitor prices on millions of items. Interested in books? Check not only retail prices, but public library availability for more than one billion items.


Belgium – Vision Smarts, developers of cutting-edge image and video analysis software, announced today the re-launch of pic2shop, a free real-time barcode scanning application for all generations of the popular Apple iPhone (many similar products are limited to working with the iPhone 3Gs due to its auto-focusing camera). Using the iPhone’s camera, users are able to scan barcodes and compare tens of millions of products online. US users are also given access to local prices for items based on their current location, conveniently displaying them on a map for quick access. Going beyond just retail, Pic2shop will also tell you if a scanned book is available at your local library.

Why pay money… to save money? Pic2shop is the #1 free barcode scanning application in the iTunes store. Pic2shop’s success lies in its lighting quick speed and incredible accuracy along with its ability to draw real-time search results with Krillion and WorldCat databases. Retail database Krillion provides localized search results for thousands of products in over 40,000 U.S. locations. As a result they are able to accurately assess product location and availability for consumer products. WorldCat is the world’s largest compilation of library content and services and is able to work seamlessly with pic2shop to let you know not only which local libraries contain the desired item but also where in the library it’s located and if it’s been checked out.

Pic2shop features include:

ALL IPHONES: Not just the 3GS, scans barcodes on the first-gen and 3G too!

GLOBAL COVERAGE: Pic2Shop is in more than 30 countries around the world!

ONLINE SEARCH: Thousands of online retailers help you get the best prices

LOCAL SEARCH: Don’t want to pay for shipping? We can tell you if the store down the street has it

LIBRARY SEARCH: Why pay when you can check things out? Pic2Shop searches local libraries for what you are interested in and will even tell you if it’s checked out (and when it’s due back!).

EMAIL: Send the last entry… or the last 20 entries to yourself or a friend via email

Pic2shop is a free download available now in the iTunes store and is compatible with iPhone OS 3.1 or higher. For more information search pic2shop in the productivity category or visit pic2shop.com to see it in action.

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About Vision Smarts

Vision Smarts is a Belgian SPRL (LLC) that develops, distributes, and supports software libraries for image recognition and real-time video analysis. The company strives to make cutting-edge technology that is easy to integrate and is affordable. Vision Smarts founder, Benoit Maison has helped develop and patent new products for several high-tech companies. His interests range from Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Machine Learning to Web-Enabled Business and Mobile Applications. For more information go to www.visionsmarts.com

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