What an exciting week at Appency! Just wanted to share a few highlights!

Apple Features:
1. Farm Frenzy 2 by Alawar Entertainment (Featured in Games)
2. The Treasures of Mystery Island by Alawar Entertainment (Featured in Games)
3. Memorize Words: Spanish (Featured in New & Noteworthy)

New Launches / Updates:
1. Custom Hangman by Roger Collins Research LLC
2. Worldcard Contacts by Penpower Inc.
3. OMG Texting Dictionary by Shawn Edgington

Hot Ranking Movements:
1. WorldCard Mobile to #1 Business App!
2. Memorize Words Spanish to #7 Education App!
3. The Treasures of Mystery Island to #36 Adventure Games
4. Farm Frenzy 2 to #20 Simulation Games (and #48 Arcade Games)
5. Farm Frenzy 1 to #34 Simulation Games (and #77 Arcade Games)
6. Slango Urban Dictionary to #1 Reference Apps
7. OMG Texting Dictionary to #71 in Social Networking (It JUST launched.. give us a little time to get this higher!)

Being both a mom and a marketer of apps, I get asked all the time – what apps are good for the kids?!?!?  So here is a list of apps that both my kids and I love.  Yes, some of my client’s apps are on this list – but a lot of these are just great fun apps.  In no particular order:

Screen shot 2010-02-22 at 9.22.25 PM Balloonimals [Games: $1.99] –  This is one of my personal faves.  Fun, unique and shows off a lot of the cool features of the iPhone.

Hershey's Hershey’s Chocolate Milk [Entertainment: Free] – My 4 year old’s favorite app! Perfectly simple – pour milk, add syrup, mix it up, drink it down…burp!

Curious George Curious George Coloring Book [Games: $2.99] – Well worth the money!  The app is constantly updated with new coloring pages for the holidays.  My 4 & 6 year olds both like it.

mouthoff MouthOff [Entertainment: $1.99] – Pick a cartoon mouth, hold your iPhone in front of your mouth and talk – guaranteed laughter from your audience – both old and young.

icon_monster MonsterABC [Education: $0.99] – Cute app that has an entertaining monster to interact with and work on pronouncing letters and words.  Perfect for my 4 year old.

Disney Channel Disney Channel Cover Styler [Entertainment: Free] – My 6 year old has turned every member of our family into a Hannah Montana and/or Jonas Brother picture!  Lets her add graphics, colors, upload pictures, etc.

smacktalk SmackTalk! [Entertainment: $0.99] – Voice altering app that outputs various squeaky voices with a choice of animals – guinea pig, puppy, kitten, and chihuahua.  Hours of entertainment.  All kids love this.

lightsaber Lightsaber Unleashed [Entertainment: Free] – This was the very first app that got my kids hooked!  Turns your iPhone into a lightsaber – need I say more?

anorak Anorak Magazine [Games: $0.99] – Calls itself the “Happy App for Kids” – stories, games, great artwork, and a British Accent!

iglowstick iGlowStick [Lifestyle: Free] – Break it and shake it!  Plus they update it with fun holiday glow sticks.

martha speaks Martha Speaks Dog Party [Games: $2.99] – Cute app based off the TV show on PBS.  Kids love to help Martha lick the plate clean.

tic tac toe Tic Tac Toe Free [Games: Free] – I think you get the drift…

hangman Custom Hangman [Games: $0.99] – Classic game of Hangman with a Pirate twist – and you can choose appropriate categories for your kids (like States of USA & US Presidents).  My 6 year old can’t get enough!

I could go on and on! Please comment with some of your favorites.  ENJOY!