All I hear in my sleep is the roboto voice “Droid…”  and that was my favorite part of the phone.  3 days into my lackluster experience with the Droid, and I couldn’t wait to get a real phone again.  I was really hoping the Droid would be all it promised to be.  But imho, it was just a device that wasn’t really anything.

The phone itself is pretty – but heavy.  The video quality is amazing.  The apps, disappointing.  My phone calls were full of static.  The qwerty keyboard is awkward – the touch screen keyboard was much easier to use.  I had to remove the case to fully access the slide-out keyboard or dock the phone.  When I unlocked the phone, it took me too many steps to figure out if I had a new voicemail or text msg or email.  The biggest disappointment is that it’s not intuitive like the iPhone.  I needed a manual – but it didn’t come with one.  And I overheard a few others saying that in the Verizon store when I made my return.

Probably the most memorable part of this whole experience was at the Verizon customer service desk.  One of the sales guys was using an iPhone and actually handed it over to the customer he was helping so she could make a call.   When I asked him if that was allowed – he said “why wouldn’t it be?”  hhmm – maybe because the company you work for doesn’t support/carry the iPhone?  Call me crazy…

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And so I bid a farewell to the Droid, and a very happy hello to my new iPhone 3Gs.

  1. well written!
    but what did your really feel about it?

    Comment by Norm — November 10, 2009 @ 5:28 pm

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